This web is about blues, soul-funk compilatons. You can find here 5Soul-Funk Compilations and 7 Blues compilations and Even more…

I Spend more then 6 years daily thinking about material for them, It worked like magnet to me Which allowed me to create them :-).Resulf of this is here for Study purposes and of course to Enjoy too. πŸ™‚

Best regards Kwolek Dominik



Here you can stream those compilations and mixes on-line, work also on mobile-phones with display off πŸ™‚



Kwolek’s interest in the blues is a serious thing, as he hunts down and tracks the best this genre has to offer. Often he finds hidden gems that nobody else has thought of or has already forgotten. Kwolek has mixed compilations containing legendary artists such as John Lee Hooker, Big Bill Morganfield, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Muddy Waters, Albert King, Howlin’ Wolf and Buddy Guy. And if that’s not enough, Kwolek has dug up songs that go as far back as 1929.

Some of his mixes include historical recordings such as: Big Bill Broonzy – β€œSee See Rider” (1934), Mississippi Sheiks – β€œI’ll be gone, long gone” (1931), Charley Patton – β€œA Spoonful Blues” (1929), Leadbelly – β€œWhere Did You Sleep Last Night” (1944). If you want an introduction to the blues, you’ll love hearing these groundbreaking songs and will always remember them like your first kiss.

About Me:


If I were to describe who I am, it would not just be that I am Dominik Kwolek A.K.A. DJ Domo.Β  Β I would also add that I am in love with music.
In fast music is my inspiration and my life. I cherish music, especially blues genre.Β 
When I was younger I used to listen to rap and Hip-Hop, just like most of the young generation does.Β  I also used to be interested in Rock n Roll, Country, House, Dance, Reggae, Soul and Funk music too.

But, ultimately the blues genre was the one which really inspired me.
That is why I decided to specialize in this type of music..

I take pride in my compilations, and I invite You to listen to my projects so as to share my passion and dedication for this genre with me.

Kwolek Dominik