Apex Legends Mobile Launch Trailer Shows Off New Modes, A New Legend, And More

In the weeks since Respawn announced that Apex Legends Mobile would launch this month (and released a thrilling launch trailer), players have been waiting with bated breath to see what else Apex Mobile has in store. Their wishes were granted with the release of today’s Apex Legends Mobile gameplay trailer, which is jam-packed with just as much unique content as one would expect from any new season of Apex–but there are a few twists. Keep reading for a closer look at what to expect from Season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile.

New game modes

In a move that is certain to leave console and PC players seething with jealousy, Apex Legends Mobile will be launching with four game modes:

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  • Classic Battle Royale
  • 3v3, which is essentially a mobile version of Arenas
  • Quick Battle, a faster-paced version of battle royale
  • Team Deathmatch

Apex players have been begging for a team deathmatch mode to be added to the game since day one, and they will soon get their wish–though there’s no telling when (or if) Team Deathmatch and Quick Battle will make their way to the PC/console version of Apex.

A smaller squad

Despite the season launch trailer depicting legends like Crypto, Loba and Wattson, the gameplay trailer only confirms that Mirage, Wraith, Pathfinder, Gibraltar, Octane, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Caustic, Bangalore, and a new legend will be playable upon launch, with more characters to be added later.

Fade, Apex Legends Mobile's debut legend.
Fade, Apex Legends Mobile’s debut legend.

A new legend

One of the more surprising additions to Apex Mobile is Fade, a mobile-exclusive legend. His abilities were recently leaked on the /r/ApexMobile subreddit, and while still unconfirmed, they do appear to match up with what we see in the trailer. Fade appears to be able to transport others into the void and can rewind time by several seconds, returning him to his previous position. Fade also has a passive that makes him incredibly agile, a welcome addition to a game that is already known for its fantastic movement mechanics.

Pre-registration prizes

While Apex Mobile officially launches May 17, some players may get access to the game sooner than others, depending on where they live. Respawn recently tweeted a map displaying the times Apex Legends Mobile will be available for download in different regional markets.

Players still have time to pre-register, which will reward them with cosmetics for Apex Legends Mobile once the game goes live. Prizes include a badge, a banner frame, a banner pose, Epic-tier R-99 skin, and the Molten Earth Bloodhound skin. Other prizes may be unlocked as well, depending on how many players have pre-registered for Apex Legends Mobile by the time it launches.

The pre-registration deadline is quickly approaching, so grab your EVO shield (and a screen protector), assemble your squad, and get ready to jump into Apex Legends Mobile when it launches on May 17.

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