Jamie Lee Curtis Had to Watch Halloween Ends With a Security Guard


Halloween Ends is set to conclude the recent trilogy of films that began in 2018. Security for the movie is so tight that even lead star Jamie Lee Curtis had to watch the film with her own security guard.

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Appearing on The Graham Norton Show to promote the film, Curtis discussed the scarier aspects of the film, joking that she even watched the film with volume control so she could avoid some of the more graphic moments. However, Curtis also mentioned that she had to watch the film with a security guard on-site, something that allowed Curtis to still hear just how chaotic the movie was.

“So they screened it for me, by myself,” said Curtis. “But, I watched it in an empty theater but I had the volume control. So I was groovy. All the talking, great, but the minute the music comes up, I’m turning it down to zero and I turn away. But, swear to god, they insisted on having a guard in the room, so that I wouldn’t pirate my own movie. And I’m telling you, I was like ‘Wait, what?’ So my entire movie, I’d turn the volume down, and I’d turn my head, but I got to listen to him. And he’d be like ‘Oh no, oh no.’”

While security for test screenings is an incredibly common practice, Curtis still joked about the fact that she would pirate her own movie, noting that she would sell it off to China prior to the film’s premiere.

Set in 2022, the story is expected to feature a four-year time jump after the events of the first two films. Green previously revealed that the threequel will most likely include some real-world events, such as the pandemic.

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In 2018, the horror franchise was rebooted by Blumhouse with a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 film. It featured Curtis’ return as Laurie Strode 16 years after appearing in Rick Rosenthal’s Halloween: Resurrection. The 2018 Halloween film had earned positive reviews from critics and fans, with a worldwide gross of over $250 million. Because of this, the studio immediately ordered two sequels, Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends.