Larissa Posts Spoiler About Debbie & Tony’s Storyline


Former 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima seemingly revealed what happens between Debbie Johnson and her boyfriend Tony in their 90 Day: The Single Life storyline. Debbie, a 70-year-old from Las Vegas was the mother-in-law from hell to Larissa when the Brazilian woman arrived in the U.S. to marry Debbie’s son Colt Johnson. He found himself divided between the two women, and after Colt divorced Larissa, fans expected the three to never cross paths again. Meanwhile, Debbie herself became a featured cast member with her own storyline on The Single Life season 2, where she sought to find love 13 years after her husband and Colt’s father died.


On The Single Life season 3, Debbie has fallen head over heels for a 69-year-old man called Tony who lives in Canada. Previews of the show have revealed that Debbie will apparently be moving into Tony’s house and leaving America behind. On September 14, a fan spotted Debbie with Tony on the Skytrain in Vancouver, which confirmed the couple is together and went ahead with the co-habitation. However, on Wednesday, Reddit user u/Farzfarz shared a screenshot of Larissa’s Instagram story with fellow TLC viewers. In the picture, Larissa’s ex-boyfriend Eric, who’s now her roommate in Las Vegas, and Debbie stood with a shopping cart inside a Costco. “Larissa posted this. Debbie’s not in Vancouver! Assuming they are all in a Vegas Costco,” the fan added in their caption.

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Are 90 Day Fiancé Enemies Larissa & Debbie Now Friends?

Although it comes as a shocker to fans, Debbie and Larissa have ended their grudge. While Debbie didn’t approve of Colt’s wife back then and had instant friction with Larissa, time has healed all wounds. It seems to have happened after Larissa reflected upon her beef with Debbie towards the end of 2019 and reached out to her with an apology on Instagram. Larissa wanted her fighting with 90 Day Fiancé star Debbie to be a thing of the past. Larissa admitted to paying for her mistakes, remembered the fond memories she had of Debbie, and spoke highly of her former MIL’s love of cats.

I love steak, and she never failed to make me the BEST steak. We had a lot of laughter,” Larissa had written about the “lovely woman” Debbie in her now-deleted note. Meanwhile, Debbie herself admitted that while she’s now on good terms with Larissa, she still hasn’t forgiven Colt’s other ex, Jess Caroline. Since Larissa too has developed ill feelings towards Jess, the two women could have also bonded on their mutual dislike for Colt’s former girlfriend. Regardless, 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa’s new picture of Eric and Debbie hints at them spending quality time together in Vegas.

But does it also mean that there’s trouble in store when it comes to Debbie and Tony’s relationship? Debbie had to move out of her home of four years on The Single Life. There were 19 days left on her lease and Debbie couldn’t afford the place after Colt and his wife Vanessa Guerra moved out. Debbie’s friend Audrey, who was her potential roommate, doesn’t approve of Debbie’s cats staying with them. Debbie moving in with Tony is what fans are looking forward to on The Single Life, but perhaps she’s decided to stay back in the U.S. and is staying with former 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa instead.

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Source: u/Farzfarz/Reddit